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How Raising Rambutan Binjai

How Raising Rambutan Binjai

of crop
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Crop augmented by grafting. Multiplication with milk and graft rarely done because it's not efficient. Used as rootstock seedling seed of varieties sinyonya (not ngelotok). Age rootstock can diokulasi about 6-8 months. To paste the eye, taken from a branch of the superior varieties of rambutan plant leaves begin to age, but not old true. Usually at the branch points tempelnya still sleeping.
To accelerate the start-up eye paste (protruding eyes), do perompesan entres leaves from the branches to be used as a source of paste between 2-3 weeks before the branch cut. Seeds of rambutan is monoembrional up generative seed of varieties sinyonya used for rootstock varied influence on upper trunk. Rambutan is heterozygous nature of the crop and pulverized cross.

Absolute power plants
After gently mixed, made ​​planting holes 60 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm. Manure used was 40 kg / planting hole. Spacing of 10 mx 12 m or 12 mx 12 m, depending on soil conditions. On sloping land, closer spacing.
In the area of peatlands or sour with a pH less than 5, it should be added slaked lime or ash kitchen.
Seedlings planted in the land after the height of 75 cm, which is more than eight months old.
Artificial fertilizer in the form of a mixture of urea, TSP or SP-36, and KCI, by comparison 2: 2: 1 is given as 50-250 grams per plant. Fertilizer was given three times with an interval of four months.
After planting more than ten years old, can be to 500-1000 g of NPK fertilizer per tree.

Conservation is an important crop plantations clear of weeds and wild trim buds / shoot water up.

Pests and Diseases
Flies leaves Tarsolepis sommeri often ruin the flowers and leaves of the new restaurant for, especially during the dry season by the rainy season.
White flea Pseudococcus lilacinus often sneak in between coats until the fruit rambutan dirty looks black. Insecticides can overcome these mites.
However, spraying insecticides when approaching red fruit (ripe) is very dangerous because the resulting residue. Other common diseases threatening plant roots are white mushrooms Armilaria sp., Phytophthora parasitica root rotten, rotten brown neck and trunk Fusarium sp. The disease can be overcome with good aeration or watered B
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