Thursday, May 29, 2014

Treatment of patients with diabetes

Treatment of patients with diabetes
Ants to drink 2 - 2 times a day (3 days a week consumption). After that your sugar levels checked, if it is quite normal quite 1 day 1 ant (3 days
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Treatment in patients with heart
3 ants to drink - 2 times a day (3 days a week consumption). If breathing and her condition began to improve after taking ant, ants drink 2 -2 times a day (3 days a week consumption) ... for 2 months
UratBukan acid treatment in patients with any ants, but ants Japanese Samurai Polyergus types.
Met at his house in Main Road No. 44 Darmo Yudho Pasuruan, True tells the beginning semutnya business.
Initially, 52 men suffer from diabetes this year. And by his friend, Teguh given 10 Japanese ants believed to cure illness efficacious diabetes, diabetes, gout, heart, and others.
Finally, after giving his Japanese eating ants, he felt the benefits. Diabetes pain he suffered, gradually recovered.
"Initially I was given the same 10 head friends, for personal consumption. And I feel the benefits," Teguh said when met at his home on Saturday (04/19/2014) afternoon.
Feel interested and fit the usefulness, eventually Teguh trying to cultivate.

Roller BlindsHe then searched through the internet sellers of Japanese ants, and buy as many as 20 head of breeders in Malang.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paprika Hydroponic cultivation in Indonesia is mostly cultivated in the area

Paprika Hydroponic cultivation in Indonesia is mostly cultivated in the area:

West Java :

Bandung Regency , surrounding Districts . Cisarua and KEC . Parongpong ( 24 ha )
Cianjur regency , around farm Gedeh and Cipanas ( 2.5 ha )
Bogor , about Megamendung ( 1 ha )
Garut regency , around Cikajang area ( 1 ha ) Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya     Central Java : Wonosobo ( 1 ha )
East Java : Batu ( 3 ha )
Bali : around Bedugul ( 1 ha . )
West Nusa Tenggara : Sembalun area , the foothills of Mount Rinjani ( 14 ha )
South Sulawesi : Regency BANTAENG , Loka , Environment Strawberry plantation .
Source : Association of Farmers Paprika ( ASPERIKA )contents
Fruit peppers contain more vitamin C ( 150-250 mg/100 g ) .
Article themed, this plant is a breakthrough . You can help Wikipedia by m6 . HarvestedHow to grow peppers in the same way that a plant pot in a pot of chili , paprika Moreover the also included into the kind of chili - Toankonse . Potted plants can be ornamental plants can also be food crops, or both at once . Paprika can be used as ornamental plants because of the color of the fruit is attractive and available in several colors ; red peppers, green and yellow . Price seed paprika chilli seeds lebihmahal of price , in Indonesia there are several brands of seedlings / seeds paprika Golden Star is one of the only production high enough .how to grow peppers in a pot
How seeding peppers.Before planting in pots is bainya paprika seed sown in containers kusus first seeding, this platform should be under the tree or fence , Jiak not available trees in our yard , it can also be modified by installing roof from the carton or batag banana fronds . Every day the seed is sown paprika watered once a day , preferably in the evening, and is controlled by an attacker , especially mites ants are very fond of eating or carrying grain seed paprika . Pembeniha not required for fertilization or spraying the leaves substance or pesticide .

Banteng88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014Once the seed as high as 3-5 cm , the seed has been able to be transferred into the pot , something important at the time of transfer ; Seed should not be extracted but dicongkel using a small shovel so that all the roots can be lifted properly . Once disconnected from seeding immediately transferred into the pot that has been completed .

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Observe pests and diseases in the nursery

months .
Observe pests and diseases in the nursery , among others ; termites , beetle leaves , inch worm , caterpillar white backs , and caterpillars fire . If the spray pests with a dose PESTONA 6-8 cap / tank or BVR dose of 30 g / tank . If there is a fungal disease spread Cortisium Phytopthora and Natural GLIO manure that has been mixed for + 1 week on each tre
3 . Plantinga. Pengajiran

Made of bamboo stakes height 80-100 cm
Put the stem marker as a benchmark in the next pengajiran
To align the marker using a rope in order to obtain the same spacing
b . Planting holes

Planting hole size of 60 x 60 x 60 cm at the end of the rainy season
Give manure mixed with soil ( 1:1 ) plus TSP 1-5 grams per hole
c . planting Seeds

At the time of the cocoa seedlings planted shade trees must be grown well and shade while the 1 -year -old
Planting cocoa intercropping system does not need shade , such as intercropping with coconut trees
Seedlings were transferred to the field according to its type , to the Noble cocoa seedlings planted after the age of 6 months , 4-5 months of age L
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Planting when the rain is enough shade and preparation must be perfect . When the removal of cocoa seedlings should not form the central young leaves ( flush )
4 . Maintenance of Plant

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Koi Fish Spawning

Prepared for spawning pond koi fish measuring 4 × 6 meters . Parent included in the spawning pond at around 16:00 and midnight will begin to spawn . The mother will swim around the pool with a male parent followed behind . The longer they are more  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya exciting movement . Male parent body pressed when following the female parent . At its peak , the female parent will spend with the occasional egg jumped into the air .
koi fish spawning
Female activity is immediately followed by removing the male semen . The eggs were exposed to sperm will stick to the material engaging kakaban or other eggs and difficult escape . Also there are some eggs fall to the bottom of the pool . Marriage is completed in the morning . Parent immediately separated from the egg . If late , the eggs can be consumed by the mother . There are two ways to separate the parent of the eggs produced .
First , the parent of the spawning pond and keep the eggs hatch in the pools . The second way to move the eggs to the hatchery ponds . The first way is more practical because the savings pool . To prevent fungus , eggs soaked first in a solution with a concentration of green Malachyt 1/300.000 for 15 minutes before it is placed in the hatchery ponds . When will the eggs soak , preferably kakaban shake the water that dirt may cover the eggs could be released .Eggs incubate Koi Fish
In order to hatch properly , koi fish eggs should always be submerged in water and the water temperature be kept constant constant . When the temperature is too cold hatching can run longer , but when it is too high then the eggs can die and rot .
koi fish eggs hatch
So that the eggs can be completely submerged , kakaban circuit should be drowned in the pond . Therefore we can use a banana stem . Cut three pieces of banana stem for 40 cm , then place over a series of two segments of bamboo kakaban DNG as its base . In order to stable , flattened on the tree bar at the side .
In general within 2-3 days the eggs have started to
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA hatch , and then very slowly 2 days , kakaban be lifted and moved to another area , in because the whole eggs have hatched . Kakaban must shake it in water first , so that no seeds are also carried . Kakaban then washed and dried in order to be used again in other opportunities.