Thursday, May 29, 2014

Treatment of patients with diabetes

Treatment of patients with diabetes
Ants to drink 2 - 2 times a day (3 days a week consumption). After that your sugar levels checked, if it is quite normal quite 1 day 1 ant (3 days
Agen Bola Tangkas a week consumption) .... for one month.
Treatment in patients with heart
3 ants to drink - 2 times a day (3 days a week consumption). If breathing and her condition began to improve after taking ant, ants drink 2 -2 times a day (3 days a week consumption) ... for 2 months
UratBukan acid treatment in patients with any ants, but ants Japanese Samurai Polyergus types.
Met at his house in Main Road No. 44 Darmo Yudho Pasuruan, True tells the beginning semutnya business.
Initially, 52 men suffer from diabetes this year. And by his friend, Teguh given 10 Japanese ants believed to cure illness efficacious diabetes, diabetes, gout, heart, and others.
Finally, after giving his Japanese eating ants, he felt the benefits. Diabetes pain he suffered, gradually recovered.
"Initially I was given the same 10 head friends, for personal consumption. And I feel the benefits," Teguh said when met at his home on Saturday (04/19/2014) afternoon.
Feel interested and fit the usefulness, eventually Teguh trying to cultivate.

Roller BlindsHe then searched through the internet sellers of Japanese ants, and buy as many as 20 head of breeders in Malang.

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