Saturday, May 3, 2014

Koi Fish Spawning

Prepared for spawning pond koi fish measuring 4 × 6 meters . Parent included in the spawning pond at around 16:00 and midnight will begin to spawn . The mother will swim around the pool with a male parent followed behind . The longer they are more  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya exciting movement . Male parent body pressed when following the female parent . At its peak , the female parent will spend with the occasional egg jumped into the air .
koi fish spawning
Female activity is immediately followed by removing the male semen . The eggs were exposed to sperm will stick to the material engaging kakaban or other eggs and difficult escape . Also there are some eggs fall to the bottom of the pool . Marriage is completed in the morning . Parent immediately separated from the egg . If late , the eggs can be consumed by the mother . There are two ways to separate the parent of the eggs produced .
First , the parent of the spawning pond and keep the eggs hatch in the pools . The second way to move the eggs to the hatchery ponds . The first way is more practical because the savings pool . To prevent fungus , eggs soaked first in a solution with a concentration of green Malachyt 1/300.000 for 15 minutes before it is placed in the hatchery ponds . When will the eggs soak , preferably kakaban shake the water that dirt may cover the eggs could be released .Eggs incubate Koi Fish
In order to hatch properly , koi fish eggs should always be submerged in water and the water temperature be kept constant constant . When the temperature is too cold hatching can run longer , but when it is too high then the eggs can die and rot .
koi fish eggs hatch
So that the eggs can be completely submerged , kakaban circuit should be drowned in the pond . Therefore we can use a banana stem . Cut three pieces of banana stem for 40 cm , then place over a series of two segments of bamboo kakaban DNG as its base . In order to stable , flattened on the tree bar at the side .
In general within 2-3 days the eggs have started to
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA hatch , and then very slowly 2 days , kakaban be lifted and moved to another area , in because the whole eggs have hatched . Kakaban must shake it in water first , so that no seeds are also carried . Kakaban then washed and dried in order to be used again in other opportunities.

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