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Terms Growing

Melinjo tree grows wild in the rain forests, at altitudes up to 1200 m above sea level.; common on the outskirts of the river in New Guinea. Land that is experiencing a real dry season for cultivation melinjo seems favored, perhaps because the
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Historically, melinjo derived from the Malay Peninsula. The current distribution extends from Assam to the Fiji Islands (Markgraf, 1954). But there are people who disagree with this opinion; they assume that melinjo originated from Indonesia. This plant was brought by settlers from Amboina to Penang in 1809, then brought back to Indonesia (Hunter, 1909).
In Indonesia, melinjo is a plant that grows scattered everywhere, many soils are found in the yard of the rural population and the home pages of the population in the city.
The name of this plant in various regions in Indonesia are manifold, namely belinjo melinjo, Maninjau, bagor, so, Trangkil, and Tangkil sako, shows a fairly wide spread.
Almost all parts of the plant melinjo, ranging from leaves, flowers, fruits until the stems can be used for household and industrial purposes.
Fruit that is old is melinjo raw materials, the bark can be used for nets or rope climbing rope, wood for the manufacture of paper, while the leaves, flowers and young fruit can be used as a vegetable.

The Inside Plant
Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon. L.) including open seed plants (Gvmnospermae), with the signs: the seeds are not encased meat but just wrapped outer skin.
According to Becker and Van de Brink (1963), in Java, only there is only one type of melinjo, Gnetum gnemon. L. Vardo mesticum. However, based on observations in the field, saw the tree canopy shape variations and variations in the shape and size of the fruit or seeds, in Java, there are several farietas melinjo.
Melinjo plants can live to reach the age of over
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