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small ponds behind his house

small ponds behind his house. "Water must flow for discharge, so sidatnya move and eat a lot, because if the water is silent then it would be lazy to eat eels, and the rest of the feed that is not consumed will produce toxic for eels," said Daniel again. Daniel confessed to feed him doing his own research by mixing fish flour, Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayane bran, corn flour, tapioca, and seaweed to form a paste. "Normally the food given five percent of the weight of eels, but I accidentally added to 7.5 per cent in order to quickly harvest but it certainly strengthens the flow of the river, because the eel will move faster," said Daniel. Daniel predict in Banyuwangi eel aquaculture will continue to grow rapidly due to discharge into one of the most popular main dish in Japan. "In addition there is also unadon Unagi, grilled eel served over rice. While alone in Japanese eel fish has become scarce and only 30 percent of the Japanese eel itself used the remaining one export from Banyuwangi region," said Daniel. (Source: "
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"* Some types of fish eels that live in the waters of Indonesia, among others: Anguilla bicolor, A. spengeli, A. australis, A. borneensis, A. selebesensis, A. marmorata. * Some areas arrests Elver (seed eel) in Indonesia: at the river mouth seoanjang & South West coast of Sumatra P, P south coast of Java, NTB and NTT Baliem. * eel have the texture of the meat is tender, tasty and nutritious for health, such as the data issued by the Institute of Nutrition Dept. of Health, Indonesia has a fish eel Omega 3 fatty acid content higher than salmon and mackerel. DHA content of fish and eels reach 1.3337 mg/100g EPA content 742mg/100g "
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located in the south coast region and Sulawesi. During this eel on the market is not the result of breeding catches. whereas if occupied, eel fish farming into a business that promises high returns. Mustari, German villagers districts Sugio be the only eel farmers in Lamongan. Retired civil servants fisheries department's East Java province pembudidyaan eel start since 2009. Originally Mustari cultivating eel in the pond, but due to frequent flooding, finally Mustari make cement pond to breed fish known to have high protein content. According Mustari, eel fingerlings worth about one to two million dollars. mamorata types
Agen bola berhadiah samsung s4 tiap bulan depo 20rbwhich are found in the region Sulawesi perkilonya price reaches one million two hundred thousand. while type bicolour, worth about two million dollars per kilo. This kind of just there at the mouth of the river in the southern ocean. Small eels fed enough silk worms. while the fish are large enough to be fed cacimng

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