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Preservation For conservation measures consist of a variety of activities such as: a. Embroidery
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For spring crops damaged cabbage (not healthy) or die must be replaced with new plants or commonly known as embroidery. Embroidery done to crops was 2 MST.
b. Weeding Weeding should be done carefully so as not to damage the roots of plants. Clearing stopped at the end of vegetative phase. c. perempelan To shoot out of the branch, should be done as early as possible so that perempelan size and quality of flowers can develop optimal mass. After a mass of flowers are formed, so that the mass of flowers ternaungi of sunlight, then tied the old leaves. Patronage works to defend the colors of the flowers to remain white.
d. fertilization Application of fertilizer made up of 3 times during growth: - First, given 7-10 HST consisting of SP-36 150 kg / ha, 75 kg urea / ha, ZA 150 kg / ha, and KCl 75 kg / ha - Second, given 20 HST consisting of Urea 75 kg / ha, ZA 150 kg / ha SP-36 to 75 kg / ha, and KCl 150 kg / ha. - Third, given the range of 30-35 HST Urea 100 kg / ha, ZA 150 kg / ha and 150 kg KCl / ha. If need be given leaf fertilizer N and K rates are high.
V. Irrigation and Watering To grow well, spring cabbage plants should be irrigated in the morning and afternoon, 1 especially when the plants are in the early growth phase and the formation of flowers. VI. Handling HPT To control pests and plant diseases (HPT) cauliflower, done through crop rotation with other crops, cabbage family kubisan. But for the handling of biological organisms by means of applying the enemies of pests and apply pesticides, biological or chemical.

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Another way to handle this is to use a free seedling pathogens and disease, as well as soaking the seeds in hot water (50 ˚ C) or in the fungicide / bactericide for 15 minutes. In addition, for sanitation by gardens, planting disease-resistant cultivars, crop rotation, pathogen clearance in the media hotbed, not using crops that are damaged because of mite infestation, land grant agricultural lime on acidic pH and air-removing diseased. If necessary, do the spraying pesticide once every 2 weeks to prevent insect and disease attack.
VII. Harvest Flowering cabbage can be harvested at the age of 55-100 days after planting, depending on the cultivar grown. Harvesting can be done in the morning or afternoon. Having done harvesting, activity continues to perform sorting and storing in storage.
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