Saturday, March 29, 2014

Imam Ahmad narrated the hadith of Aisha that the Messenger of Allah. said

Imam Ahmad narrated the hadith of Aisha that the Messenger of Allah. said, "O 'A'ishah, being weak gentle, because Allah willed it if kindness to a family, then God showed them to the gentle nature of this valley." In another narration, "If God wills something good in a family, then gentle nature of God to enter into them. "
08. Soothing views
Prophet. said, "Do not you want me to inform you about the best thing a woman? (Ie) shalihah woman is the woman that if seen by her fun, if he obeyed orders, and if he left her she keep herself and her husband's property. "(Abu Daud and An-Nasa'i)
"Truly the best of your women is the birth,
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya  much love, secret holders, tough-minded toward his family, obedient to her husband, dandy for her husband, guard against another man, obedient to her husband's words and commands and when alone with her husband pasrahkan himself to her husband's will and as such does not apply to the men her husband, "said the Prophet. again.
So no wonder if Asma 'bint Khārijah bequeath to his daughter a few things are about to get married. "You will get out of life in which there are no descendants. You will go to bed, where we do not recognize it and friends who do not necessarily love. Be ye like the earth for your husband, then it is like the sky. Be ye as ground for him, then he will be a buffer for you. Be ye in front of her as female slaves, then he will be a servant to you. Do you cover yourself from him, consequently he can throw. Nor should you stay away from that could lead it to forget. If he came to you, then you should be mengakrabinya. If it away, then you ought to stay away from him. We do not vote except in the case of the good stuff alone. And do not listen to it unless you listen well and you do not see it except with a view of the remedy. "

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