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Latest Style - Features Features Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

Latest Style - Features Features Early Symptoms of Heart Disease - Heart disease or heart disease is a disease and acknowledge that we need to be aware of , many cases of people affected by heart disease suddenly . Cholesterol and excess fat in the body is connected as a factor causing heart problems . love , many of us are still underestimated even healthy diet heart disease referred to in jejeran trigger disease and a high mortality in the world Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia . Before when the disease actually nested in the body, you 'd better start moving on food friends heart , and knowing this signal the beginning of a serious problem . written more like times of india , the following Features Features Early Symptoms of Heart Disease . Regular routine ugly unconscious , over eating patterns , so has the influence on heart health issues . This is not just a single trigger . also triggered a heart problem at least , like any physical activity , and stress a sustainable athletics . Symptoms People Affected Heart Heart Features Features - Early Symptoms of Heart Disease 1 . If your fatigue is often so tired of activity but not heavy , ask the personal physician . This could be an indication that there is problem in the heart. This feeling often felt tired when you wake up . 2 . Pain in chest Symptoms Early Heart , This is an indication of the general problem of the heart. perhaps more women can feel chest pain due to clogged arteries section of the resulting blood flow around the body is not smooth . This situation could also cause numbness and weakness of the body . 3 . Usually a sweaty sweaty work completed or when the weather is hot . but it's easy when you sweat , but do not do anything , chances are you have heart problems . 4 . Headache Heart Features Features More Those who have problem of the heart, can feel headache when exposed to light speech . This had an effect on heart rate, I know it beats more slowly or more quickly . Over on the women who experience frequent migraine or visual problems , at least 2 x in a month , need to be alert. This may only be an indication of a change of heart disease. Thus according to a study published american academy of neurology . according to the researchers , this last due to the deviation of blood circulation resulting in chronic headaches . 5 . Nausea Symptom Heart begins with swelling section of the stomach . This description results in the patient's loss of appetite and feel nauseous excess . 6 . Many are convinced emergency , heart attack berbuntut in trauma. consequently , they are used to experiencing a heart attack often experience stress , fear, or concern to death . This description is linked with psychological fear and stress often lead to attacks . 7 . Feeling body aches pains so strong sign of heart disease. In men , felt pain section of the left arm , a second woman experiencing pain in the 2nd arm . the pain comes and goes also feels section of the shoulders, elbows back , and neck . pain at some point this side of the body due to take place due to clogged arteries . 8 . Irregular heartbeat If you experience irregular heartbeat , this can quickly lead to watch out due to injuries. irregular heartbeats usually last because there are a thickening Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia of the muscle in the heart valves . This description results in a narrowing of the valves in place , resulting in leakage . 9 . Shortness of breath Heart Features Features More Shortness of breath is due to thickening of blood vessels which prevents the blood supply to the entire body . This also resulted in an irregular heartbeat , liver abnormalities or infections , thickening of the heart muscle, and abnormalities of the heart valves . 10. Swelling Swelling occurs when fluid builds up in the body . usually held at the ankles and abdomen . signs is a signal that the central natural heart defects and variation in heart valve . ( ) Thank this article titled Features Features of Early Heart Disease Heart category

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