Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From A questionnaire was divided into 150 commercial sex workers

From A questionnaire was divided into 150 commercial sex workers in sex tourism numbers near the Soekarno-Hatta port, Makassar. Accidental Pulau pari sampling (non-probability), of the 150 prostitutes.
And this is their recognition:
1. Not enjoy sexual intercourse Sayapun including misguided all along, I think that prostitutes enjoy the intimate relationship with the customer, in fact in the open questionnaire he answered not enjoy it. Instead excited because the couple always changing and varied ways of communication. They are worried about something, something that the offense in question is user / user / user. They really did not enjoy the job, even a cold sweat often cause anxiety.
2. Want to quickly complete Sexual services acted, they want to end as soon as possible. In fact, if possible, do not need no sex because she was embarrassed referred to as prostitutes and artisans peddling body.
3. Changing pseudonyms pasang iklan terbaik Name PSK can be changed as much as 3-4 times a night. Then easily provide hp number and mobile number is true only rarely activated. Afraid if read together family or friends. The most feared when suddenly met one family.
4. Want to be good husband Well here it is, PSK was the same ideals fellow women that he also want to be good husband, wants to be a good wife, want to be a good mother and strive to make their children do not like him.
5. Willing to repent PSK at all times wanted to repent and sometimes when arriving at his yard / kostannya promised not to return to localization, but sometimes making frantic thoughts should return to prostitution. Therefore, he felt his life was in there. However, if it is up in a brothel. He pleaded once again given the opportunity to repent .. Wedew, repentance soy sauce ...
6. Most often he remembers is his mother's sister and father's subsequent Mother's mother's face and voice are most often he remembers, he apologized from his heart of hearts, and he said: I'm sorry your son ma. I was wrong. Have a healthy mama.
7. He did not want to linger in the localization PSK generally do not want to linger in localization, wisata pulau pari  they expect to be out a while before it gets old because he felt guilty constantly. He hopes there are good people to help him out of the black world. This is what makes it often cry when he arrived at his home / kostannya. Nah loh ...

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